Assessment 3: PLAY NOW!

In assessment 3, we dropped our project Off the Rails and took over from Team HEC with their Locomotion Commotion game! We chose this project as it was very well written and the documentation was by far the best. You can find out more about Team HEC's initial work on their website.

Upon picking up Team HEC's project, we have implemented obstacles within the game in the form of faulty stations, a shop for buying in-game resources and expanded the number of types of goal available.

You can download the ready-to-run game and user manual now.

Assessment 3: The Swap

Why choose JKG?
JKG has worked hard to ensure that the documentation for Locomotion Commotion is as good as when we received it. If you've used Team HEC's project before, you'll be able to get to grips with our project in no time!

If not, why not?! HEC's project is a very good foundation, it's big, which may be confusing to start with, but it doesn't take too long to become familiar with it.

If you get stuck our full documentation for Locomotion Commotion Version 1.2 may prove useful. Or you can email us, or come find us in the labs!

Our Test Plan and Extension Report are also now available!

Assessment 2: Initial Implementation

Assessment 2 is the initial implementation of our game Off the Rails. You can see the current version of this in our GitHub repository.

As part of Assessment 2, we have also created a User Manual, Test Plan, GUI Design Report and an Architecture & Design Justification Report.

You can download the executable game file here or find out more information relating to that game on its original site.

Assessment 1: Requirements

Assessment 1 follows the requirements gathering and project planning stage of our game Off the Rails.

In Assessment 1, we created a full project plan for game, including assigning team roles, drafting a full list of user and system requirements, drawing up a Gantt chart to keep track of which parts of the projects should be completed when and completing a full risk assessment and mitigating any risks deemed serious enough to affect the smooth running of the project.

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