What is JKG?

SEPR is a team assessment- the teams are assigned by the module leaders. All the teams for 2014-15 are named after major railway stations in Europe, JKG is Jönköping in Sweden.

Oliver Binns

I'm Oliver Binns, a 19 year old Computer Science undergraduate. Within the field, I'm mostly interested in Human Computer Interaction, particularly with regards to Web & Mobile application design. With this in mind, I've recently been involved in a large design of Vanbrugh College's new website build and mobile app. In this project, I have been responsible for the overall design of the user interface and the website, as well as the implementation of the website and goal generation engine within the game.

Richard Brierley

Coming Soon.

Mark Ellwood

I'm Mark Ellwood, a 19 year old Computer Science undergraduate. I've been studying computer science for the past 3 years and it is a really passion of mine. In my spare time, I enjoy both playing and programming computer games. This has allowed me to work on some team programming projects before and gain a real understanding of writing good code for other people to use.

In this project, I was responsible for programming the user interface and the underlying game engine along with Daniel Leach. This was great fun as it allowed me to help make some of the core design decisions and help shape our game into what it is now.

Daniel Leach

Coming Soon.

Eashan Maheshwari

I'm Eashan Maheshwari, a bilingual 20 year old Computer Science undergraduate particularly interested in software development for it allows you to think out of the box and express your creativity in your solution. The challenges involved in designing a better and more efficient algorithmic solution excite me due to my competitive nature.

In this project, I have been contributed towards the development of the goal engine, various testing methods and designing test classes.This was my first project in software engineering and has given me an insight as to how softwares are developed and various cycles involved.

Sam Watkins

Coming Soon.